All Law Is Codified Revenge

-- it's this world that turns a killer into a hero --

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- Basic Information -

Character Name: Dynamo

Character Type: Secondary

Place of Origin: A Rockman X-type universe, some times between X6 and X7. Dynamo’s world is, presumably, carrying on nicely without him, and does not deviate in any great manner from a “standard” X-series world.

Armored Description: Standing at over seven feet tall when armoured, Dynamo would make a more impressive sight if he were more built for mass and not speed. His armour is predominately slate, grey and white, and relatively streamlined; his sabre-hilt, when not in use, is generally clipped to the small of his back. Dynamo’s admittedly-odd helm features a full spectrum of sensors, scanning and recording arrays mounted in the “bug eyes” as well as an enhanced visual system augmented by HUD in his visor.

Dynamo’s standard weaponry consists of an onboard buster and a beam-sabre bearing paired blades; he has been known to enter combat using the activated sabres as a particularly lethal quarterstaff on many an occasion. He is also capable of kinetic energy strikes, though he requires physical contact; his most common such attack is a ground shockwave nicknamed ‘Earth Geyser’.

Unarmored Description: Standing at a hair over 6’10”, Dynamo is lean, well-muscled and lightly tanned. His eyes are dark grey, and his hair – chopped neatly at mid-back – is a ghostly white occasionally shaded with silver.

When not in armour Dynamo favours either a heavy bodysuit similar to that worn beneath his armour-plates or a close-fitting shirt – often sleeveless – that might as well be part of a bodysuit, in shades of black, grey and blue, along with dark slacks and boots. He prefers to be unencumbered by is clothing whenever possible.

- History and Personality -

Passing for Human: Excepting his height, Dynamo resembles a human being reasonably well until inspected more closely. Though his frame and pseudoflesh is sculpted to work like and resemble human flesh, his complexion is too ‘perfect’ and his scars unnatural-looking; though he has (to his amusement) a “navel”, he does not possess nipples and is not anatomically correct. Dynamo’s eyes flicker in light and colour when he’s focusing or switching vision modes, another quick giveaway – along with his too-cool body temperature and the faint feel of subdermal armour – of his inhuman nature.

Though he can ‘make do’ with organic or synthorganic sustenance for a limited period, Dynamo predominantly requires direct energy feed or concentrated refueling sources such as etanks or similar reploid “nutrients”. Attempting to survive on ‘human food’ will lead to severe energy deficit and an equivalent of malnutrition.

Backstory: Originally a scout and skirmisher with the reploid-based military outfit commonly known as Repliforce, Dynamo barely escaped his fellow soldier’s fates when the Hunters’ execution order was handed down by the Federation’s governmental body. Already mistrustful and wary of humanity’s reasons for founding Repliforce (and all too willing to follow General’s goal of removal to an orbital platform where they could form their own society and be free of humanity’s restraints and interference), this sudden betrayal crystallized Dynamo’s slow-burning resentment against his kind’s secondary status. If they could be so simply and easily thrown away, so be it. When Sigma required a saboteur with stealth ability and the technical knowhow, Dynamo – familiar with the Eurasia design due to broad similarity with the Final Weapon platform – cheerfully signed up for the carnage. He only hoped that the destruction could equal Repliforce’s slaughter.

As Sigma spread the new Virus and the Eurasia colony began its plummet, Dynamo played decoy to try and lure the senior Hunters away from any preventative measures they could be mustering. It was great entertainment to torment the likes of X and Zero, taunting them cheerfully as they battled; but Dynamo’s heart was not really in the combats, and he would teleport out again when he grew bored or the Hunters got a little too close. They were just pawns, after all – he held no real malice against them.

It soon became all too apparent, however, that Sigma was on a one-track course to obliterating the planet altogether. That was not exactly a fun and decent goal; Dynamo cut his losses and got well out of the way before the final cataclysmic battle. Biding his time to lick his wounds and make some kind of a plan, he monitored the reconstruction efforts and was just as disgusted by the sending of reploids to handle the dirty work of restoring the surface as he had been by his own treatment and that of Repliforce. A stint of acquiring Nightmare Souls – a bid to change himself into someone more capable of taking on the government and their Hunter hounds – was thwarted by X and a surprisingly-alive Zero; this time, Dynamo chose to look much further afield. His tinkering with the remnants of Gate’s laboratory lair led him to the discovery of the nexus of worlds, and from there to Reality Vanish.

This new world is, so far as Dynamo is concerned, just as insidious as his own – it simply hides it better. Theoretically biological and technological life is equal; but even something so simple as civil identification discriminates against reploids and others like them. Just because it is unseen and non-violent doesn’t mean the injustice isn’t there -- which leads Dynamo to begin to formulate plans to do something about it. First, he needs support …

Personality in a Nutshell: Dynamo can flip between cheerful flippantness and a bitter edginess at the drop of a pin, though he much prefers the more cheerful, friendly demeanour when he can help it. Sometimes it may be a mask, sometimes not – and there are occasions when even he isn’t sure which is the case. He likes to keep potential antagonists as off-balance as he can, whether it be through unpredictable stunts on combat or quick and clever jabs in conversation. Or both.

When holding forth about his cause, Dynamo loses all trace of laziness, bitterness or general inattention to the world at large – he all but burns, pacing about and gesturing wildly as he states his case. He’s learned it can be useful to be underestimated, however, and is more than willing to play the fool if it helps keep his true plans well-hidden.